DMND GAMES chose Facebook’s Instant Games as one of the main platforms for distributing our HTML5 games. Starting with just 17 games at the launch, Instant Games now counts dozens (if not hundreds) of engaging games. And soon, when we’ll publish Brute Arena DMND and Farkle Master DMND on Instant Games, there will be two more games available to a large group of players on Facebook.

Let’s have a look at Instant Games to see why it’s good for us to distribute our game through Instant Games.

What’s Instant Games?

Games are clearly one of the pillars supporting Facebook. Instant Games, being introduced in 2016, has grown a lot since then. Now we (and other game developers) can create games that are easily accessible through one of the largest social network.

So, the main advantage of Facebook’s Instant Games technology is great availability of games. Gamers (especially those who prefer playing games in a browser or on their smartphone) aren’t forced anymore to access favorite games in a conventional way. Put simply, Facebook eliminated the need to load a dedicated native app from App Store or Google Play and only then play the game.

To give you an example, you’ll be able to play Farkle Master DMND and Brute Arena DMND – our first two games soon to be available on Instant Games – directly through Facebook’s Messenger or News Feed both on your desktop and smartphone at any time.

With Instant Games, any popular desktop browser will suffice to play our games: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Naturally, it also doesn’t matter what operating system you’re using, be it Windows or MacOS. The same we can say about smartphones: both iOS- and Android-powered smartphones can be the platform to access our games through Instant Games.

But wide accessibility is only one positive sides of Instant Games. Facebook constantly develops their technology to present even more features. One such feature is live streaming, which allows you to share your gaming experience and achievements live with your friends. Such a great functionality is always appreciated.

Distributing Brute Arena DMND and Farkle Master DMND on Instant Games is a logical and important step for us, so you, the gamer, will be able to enjoy our games in the most convenient way.