Entertainment such as online games should be free and easily accessible. Gamers shouldn’t waste their time downloading new gaming apps on their smartphones or installing Flash to play in their favorite desktop browser.

That’s why DMND GAMES started creating own games with HTML5. HTML5 is the core technology for Brute Arena DMND and Farkle Master DMND, the two browser games we’ve built recently.

HTML5 Advantages

HTML5 provides several benefits (as compared to Adobe Flash) when building easily accessible games:

  • HTML5 games are built with JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages.

The JavaScript ecosystem has plenty of libraries that simplify development of games. It’s also relatively easy to find a team of JS developers that can help you create a game.

  • HTML5 games can be used across various operating systems – Windows, MacOS, or Linux-based distributions, as well as mobile operating systems.

Because both desktop and mobile browsers support Canvas, which is available as an HTML5 element and an API, we can draw graphics in the browser using JavaScript.

  • WebGL – the technology that allows for building native 3D games for browser.

WebGL is now fully supported by all modern mobile browsers including Chrome, Firefox Mobile, and Mobile Safari. Since many gamers prefer smartphones to desktops, support for WebGL is very important.

  • HTML5 triggered formation of such projects as Facebook’s Instant Games.

Instant Games and similar platforms gave the possibility to play games directly from Facebook Messenger or other popular messengers. Instead of installing multiple games from App Store or Google Play, the gamer need to use only one app – the favorite messenger – to talk to their friends and to play games. And it’s much easier to share success in games through the messenger (read: gamers don’t need to switch between apps.)

  • Great monetization possibilities.

You can choose from at least two monetization strategies. One option for monetizing your HTML5 game is selling a license to use your game. Another option is using ads that are shown when the player is in the game.

In all, HTML5 has a lot more to offer than just five advantages we mentioned. But the basic idea is that HTML5 enables us to create beautiful 2D and 3D games that are easily distributed, shared, and accessible. Gamers can now play anywhere, anytime, no matter what device they use.