Brute Arena


Brute Arena DMND is a role-playing game where you are a lanist who sends his fighters into crashing pvp battles on the space arena.
Build and develop you brutes abilities, get the best weapons and slay rivals in the crashing pvp fights for valor! 

It depends only on you who will be the winner in this crushing war! 
Combine the best weapons and the most powerful combat skills to create your fighting champion. 

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  • Customize and design with dozens of style clothes to unleash unique identity of your Brute;
  • Enter the PvP arena to compete and battle against real players;
  • Share score of your arena achievements with your friends and crash them in PvP fight;
  • Modify and enhance your Brute with numerous weapons and armor;
  • Open boxes with new battle weapons, skills and improvements;
  • Become a real star in the lights of the PvP arena.