Farkle Master DMND – Play The Famous Dice Game!

Farkle Master DMND – the classic dice game created by DMND GAMES is already available! In our HTML5 game, you can become the master of the dice, compete with your friends, and get the highest score to win! Enjoy a famous folk entertainment online and play against thousands of rivals around the world!

Farkle has many variations with slightly different rules. You may know the game as 1000/5000/10000, Cosmic Wimpout, Greed, Hot Dice, Squelch, Zilch, or Zonk. But Farkle Master DMND is a classical game and is played with six dice by two or more players.

How do you play in Farkle Master DMND? You throw six dice at your turn and grab your points (if there are any). Each player's scores accumulate during all rounds. The player who scored the most points (or gained 10,000 points first) wins!

Gather up the Best Dice Combinations

In Farkle Master DMND, you can test your skills for counting the probability of a better combination and win. You can select different dice combinations to score points and roll again the remaining dice to improve your result.

In Farkle Master DMND your task is to score the most points with various combos. Try to get popular dice combinations such as three dice of the same value or even better – get three pairs or a straight to beat your rivals!

Farkle impels you to risk. Every round you roll dice and set aside the dice that scored. You can continue rolling the remaining dice until you score with all of them. But when no points can be taken after a roll, you run the risk to get a Farkle – zero points in the round. If you score three Farkles in a row, you’ll lose 1000 points!

Taking such risks in Farkle Master DMND will give you an absolutely thrilling experience!

Enjoy the Simplistic Design of Farkle Master DMND

Farkle Master DMND is a beautifully designed arcade game. Thanks to the well-thought design, you’ll get a feeling as if you were playing it in real life with friends.

The minimalist playground lets you focus on the important aspects of the game. You can monitor your score, view how many rolls are left during the round, and consult the dice combinations all the time during the game.

More Features of Farkle Master DMND!

Farkle Master DMND is an HTML5 game, and so you can play it on various devices – including your smartphone or desktop computer – without lags. But availability across devices isn’t the only feature of Farkle Master DMND.

Have a look at all key features of our dice game:

  • Play a classic dice game – farkle – which is rooted in antiquity.
  • Play against computer or your friends.
  • Try a multiplayer mode and win against players across the world.
  • Try your luck and calculate your winning chances.
  • Compete in various game modes (duels or long tournaments).
  • Enjoy beautiful game design.
  • Enjoy realistic dice physics.
  • Play on any device in your browser – your smartphone, PC, or Mac.

Still haven’t tried Farkle Master DMND? Start playing and score the most points against your friends!

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