Toy Boards

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Toy Boards

Ever wanted to bring a board game to the new level? Get the Toy Boards social game for free.

What is Toy Boards?

Please welcome the newest free board game by DMND GAMES. Forget about the classic old-school board games and start  to build your own village and become the king of the board. 


  • Find yourself a king of a green board city and start the magical adventure. 
  • Roll the free dice to get coins and construct new buildings for your special city. The more you build, the bigger your city becomes, and more and more buildings appear. 
  • Challenge and attack your friends to grab their goodies, but be careful — revenge is closer than you think and your village can get attacked too, so the king will have to protect it before the intruder grabs something valuable. 

Toy Boards is not just a simple free board game, it’s a fun multiplayer board action where you can join your  friends to play together — and steal their loot. 


  • Hop on a magical rocket and imagine yourself an epic space pirate who treats oneself with freebies. Hunt your neighbours’ boards and destroy them, steal coins, attack their kingdoms, and earn a fortune. That’s all possible with Toy Boards. 
  • Wait for revenge! Sooner or later, your board city will get attacked by your friends who will try to destroy, steal and hunt on your goodies. Roll dice and enjoy the epic battle between two kingdoms. Protect your stuff and repel the attack while your dice rolls in Toy Boards. 

Why Play Toy Boards

If everything you already know about the Toy Boards board game didn’t make you want to download it and start the adventure right away, we’ve got a whole list full of advantages to fix the situation: 


  • Play wherever you want.  There are both mobile and web options for Toy Boards, and even a special version to use in a messenger. Thus, you can roll dice, play friends, steal goodies, and become the king any moment of time. 

    • Ring the changes into good old hobbies. Classic board games can be fun but at the same time, they can be rather boring when you get used to them. Here, we turned a classic game into the online multiplayer board adventure where prizes are much better for the kings of the boards and the game fun is incomparable. 
    • Challenge your friends. Forget about those clichéd online games where all you need to do is to swipe and tap, now the real social quest is coming to your board! Ask your friends to join you in a battle. Become a space pirate and destroy your friends’ boards to fill your chest with coins and prizes. Or be a good neighbor and help your friends build board cities faster. Share the dice adventure with someone you love and have fun together! 
    • Choose among several game themes. If a toy castle is not really your thing, you’ll have something to choose from. The more you play, the more new game themes will get unlocked on your game board — from a sandy desert reminiscent of the Arabian tales to a jungle island quest where you can imagine yourself a treasure hunter on a trip for ancient coins. Grab all the tokens of the game board and get special rewards!
    • Expand your dream world on a board. Kings can expand their cities by constructing more buildings, from a police station to a fairy castle. It will cost you a coin, though it won’t be a problem for players: as the dice rolls — the coin comes. 
  • Fill your chest. Even though the game is full of freebies, the king will have to fill up the treasury with money and gems. You’ll be getting more of them as you hop around the board, and can lose some of the gems when someone attacks your board and grabs your stuff. 
  • Play mini-games. Toy Boards keep more magical secrets than it may seem from the first glance as some tiles on the game board are the doors to other dimensions where a bunch of creatures will join you. If you hop on a specific tile as you’d do in monopoly-like board games, the mini-quest will be triggered. Is it one of the Wild cards with a task and rewards? A wheel of fortune that will let you earn a whole chest of coins if the luck is on your side? Or the “floor is lava” — the game fun that we all know from childhood? Collect dice rolls and see what they can bring. While some quests are super-simple and only require players to hit a winning card in the vault or a treasure chest to collect the goodies from a bunny, the other will want you to destroy a dragon or light up all the lights to find your way to the Cave of Miracles on a dream island.


With so many cool social features and free goodies, Toy Boards game has all the chances to become your No.1 favorite mobile app from the first try. Download it now for free and get ready to build board world, play friends, and watch friends destroy your board city — just to hit their game boards and steal goodies in return! Not just a free dice game — the best free dice game!