It’s Time to Roll Dice in Farkle Master DMND

It’s Time to Roll Dice in Farkle Master DMND
  • 15 June 2018
  • 669

Farkle Master DMND is ready! You can start playing the best classical dice game directly in your browser!

Do you want to test your luck and ability to choose the best in-game strategies in farkle? Then try out Farkle Master DMND! Do you wish to participate in blitz games and long tournaments in farkle? Farkle Master DMND will offer them to you. Do you want to challenge farkle players from all over the world? The farkle players are waiting for you in Farkle Master DMND.

Do you want more? Here are the top features of Farkle Master DMND:

  • Simple interface;
  • Great dynamic gameplay;
  • Easy rules for scoring points;
  • Great physics of dice;
  • Up to 10 normal rounds;
  • Unlimited number of bonus rounds.

Score 10,000 points faster than your rivals and become the master or farkle!

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