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Instant Games – A Primary Source of Games

DMND GAMES chose Facebook's Instant Games as one of the main platforms for distributing our HTML5 games. Starting with just 17 games at the launch, Instant Games now counts dozens (if not hundreds) of engaging games. And soon, when we’ll publish Brute Arena DMND and Farkle Master DMND on Instant Games, there will be two more games available to a large group of players on Facebook.

Let's have a look at Instant Games to see why it's good…

Why Building Games with HTML5 is a Good Idea

Entertainment such as online games should be free and easily accessible. Gamers shouldn’t waste their time downloading new gaming apps on their smartphones or installing Flash to play in their favorite desktop browser.

That’s why DMND GAMES started creating own games with HTML5. HTML5 is the core technology for Brute Arena DMND and Farkle Master DMND, the two browser games we’ve built recently.

HTML5 Advantages

HTML5 provides…

Messaging Apps Are the New Game Platforms

Messaging apps are growing fast as the new game platforms. Many people (especially young people) want not only to chat with their friends, but they also want to access more content – including games – through their favorite messengers. With growing support for HTML5 and related web technologies, it’s becoming increasingly simpler to meet the demands of youngsters for us, game developers.

But what are the main messaging apps where you can…

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